Book Review: The Awesome Girl’s Guide to Dating Extraordinary Men


A few weeks back, I was perusing one of my favorite blogs   For Harriet, and read an article titled 10 Books Released by Black Women in 2013 You Should Read.  Usually I stick with classic authors like Morrison or Angelou; I’m not too familiar with relatively new Afro-American authors like Ms. Carter, but I thought I’d try something new and bought this book.
Here’s 10 reasons why you should also read The Awesome Girl’s Guide to Dating Extraordinary Men:

1. She’s a young black , female author, so of course, we want to support our fellow sister.
2. This sister can write, seriously. Her plot, characterization, use of flashbacks, all that literary jazz, is on point. Plus the plot twist at the end of this novel definitely throws the reader for a loop.
3. Her characters represents a broad spectrum of the black women we all know. There’s the conservative/Christian sister, the  rocker/wild/lesbian sister, the bougie/all-together sister, the semi-crazy sister with locs/major relationship issues,etc.
4. There was actually a plot to this novel. Not simply a lot of sex or vulgarity disguised as a plot, which I often encounter when I attempt to read Black “Romance” Novels.
5. The book really isn’t about finding an extraordinary man. It’s really about 4 women finding themselves, discovering peace, all while juggling work,life, and one another. Its really a coming-of-age  novel for women in their late 20’s/ early 30’s.
6.  The characters and the events that take place in the novel are hilarious. I found myself laughing out loud one too many times in public. So thank-you Ms. Carter for making me embarrass myself by laughing/ talking under my breath while reading your novel in public.
7. A good author makes you feel a full-range of emotions while reading their work. This novel had me laughing hysterically, teary-eyed, enraged to the point where I  was ready to jump in the book and fight someone for one of the main characters, teary-eyed with joy, and every emotion in between.
8. Her novels has quotes like ” Never put your life on hold for a guy. Your life is your biggest project and it should always be your number-one priority.”  Umm can we can an “Amen” on that one, please?
9. And call me superficial and/or basic, but why wouldn’t I want to read a novel that is bright orange, with cute lipsticks on the cover? Exactly.
10.  I actually procrastinated reading the last 20 pages because the novel was that good. I honestly didn’t want the novel to end, so I prolonged finishing the novel for about a week. It’s literally a page-turner; I read the first few 100 pages within the first couple hours of having the book.

So Thank-you Ms. Ernessa Carter for your creative mind and this wonderful novel.


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