What does it look like? Feel like? Does it have a taste? Is it unfamiliar? Could I recognize it?

I imagine it will settle near my gums comfortably.

Eventually rolling off my tongue naturally like its always been there.

Perhaps it’ll first lay dormant with my taste buns before it slides its way down my esophagus
and into my gut
to sit
and fester
and take up so much space,
That there’s no longer room for the bitterness, anger, pain & fear.

I want that divine love to spread through my internal organs,
up/down my spine.
in/out my joints
flowing in my blood stream.
swimming in my heart.

I want it to regulate my temperature
my frequency
changing the texture of my skin
seep out my pores
onto fingers interlaced in a prayer position
onto my tear-stained journal
onto myself
onto my lover/ my love
spilling onto the carpet

I want it to fall from my lips before I can catch it. Pour out my heart contents uncensored.
onto my mother
my father
my past.
my future.

Until Im completely covered in it and everyone I love is covered in it.
From head to toe
Till you can’t separate the two
from who I am and what it is and where it comes from.

I know where it comes from.
and for that..I’m grateful.


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