I left you on the side of the road,
in the pouring rain

I left you on the tip of lying tonguesimgres-1.jpg
and lips moist with deceit

I left you at my mother’s bedside
cowering in fear

I left you for the end of the day,
in bed, alone
crying under the covers

I left you in the safety of my bedroom closet
locked away
locked away
locked away
Life is too dangerous for you out here.

I left you in dark places,
in old memories,
stuffed into pockets ridden with washed wrappers
twisting and writhing, squirming in my gut

I left you for half-ass apologies
settling for what was offered
rather than what was deserved.

At times, I would roll you around in my mouth
trying you on for taste
let you rest on my tongue
but anytime you dared to jump out my mouth
maneuver through the lies,
and yell the truth,
I’d swallow you whole.
Don’t you know your place!

I left you
preferring a gimmick over a Truth.

I left you.
I traded you in for a cheaper model.

I left you…. in the pouring rain almost 20 years ago.
Now I’m left wading in a pool
of littered forgottens.

But, I’m here now.
I’m late, I know..
I left you,
but I didn’t forget you.
Will you ever forgive me?


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