Honor Thyself: Feelings

No one ever taught me this. I’ve read it in books, articles,but how do you live this out?

How do I honor myself?

Well first, I’ll start with what my therapist said yesterday, ” You need to honor yourself, by honoring your feelings.”

In my head I’m thinking, “Girl, do you know how many feelings I feel in one day, in a week, in a month? ” I don’t know what that looks like. I’ve never been taught how to do that.

Honor your thoughts: I had done a really good job of pushing thoughts aside, almost like a rolodex. If I didn’t like the thought because I anticipated the feelings it would bring, I’d simply push ignore and slide left.I didn’t trust myself with those thoughts. I didn’t trust my Spirit and mind enough to honor the thoughts that did cross my mind. And by honor, I simply mean acknowledge. Acknowledging a thought doesn’t mean I’m agreeing with it, making it my truth, or living/dying by it, it just means it popped up and I acknowledge that its there. In truth, whether I acknowledge it or not, it will be there.

1. Acknowledge how you feel. (Feelings follow thoughts; not the other way around. I can’t feel any way without first having a thought to base that feeling off of. Don’t Sweat The Small things really hones in on this. He gives the example: Try to get angry. You can’t, not without a preceding thought.) I had also perfected ignoring my feelings. Ignoring the way fear manifested as anxiety and gnawed away at my core. I ignored the pain. Thinking that if I acknowledged it, it would make me weak.It doesn’t. I know myself better because of practicing this consistently.

2.Speak your truth (feelings.) I will not apologize for how I feel. I will not be talked out of how I feel. I will share how I feel to myself and others (aloud.) I will not fight to share my feelings with others. If you don’t want to hear how I feel, than obviously we have no business in another’s lives so either I/you need to step. Emotions are important. They make us human.

3. Don’t create a hierarchy of emotions. No one emotion is better than the other. There is no good or bad emotion/feeling. The emotions are simply traffic signals, showing you how a particular situation/person is making you feel. They all have a purpose and I believe that purpose is ultimately for our good so there is no good/bad feeling. They are all honest and genuine feelings so why discredit them?

4. Don’t try to change your feelings. Don’t try to talk yourself out of them. Talk yourself through them. Let them sit there, live..if only for a little while. Let them flow through you. Don’t get too attached to any one feeling. They are fleeting. They change and move.

This is not an exhaustive list, but its a good starting point, for me at least. I’d love to hear your thoughts. How do you honor your feelings?


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