About Author


In the words of Ms. Giovanni, “I am so perfect so divine so ethereal so surreal, I cannot be comprehended except by my permission”
So since this is by my own accord:
I am a woman who enjoys communing with The Divine
An ATLien by default.
A student of this Flawless Universe.
I consider myself a Lover.Creator. Giver.Wanderer.
A Queer WOC. A yogi. A Vegetarian.
But what are titles anyway but a false sense of security?
I admit that I’m a walking contradiction, but aren’t all beautiful things…
Oh yeah “I stay woke”

My hope is that my writing will be as cathartic for you, as it is for me.

Come explore with me.
I can be contacted at: spelledwoman@gmail.com
nstagram: @spelledwoman
Tumblr: spelledwoman.tumblr.com  



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