The purpose of this website is to:

1. Document& share my journey in hopes of helping others in their own journeys/ healing process.

2. Provide shareable content that will encourage dialogue.

3. To help me in my own journey as a woman healing and growing in all directions: lover, writer, researcher, teacher, learner, and Womanist.

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2 thoughts on “Purpose

    1. lol. Exactly, why are our struggles, experiences, and pain expected to play a backseat to that of our black males? Why must we hurt in silence? I say we don’t; we deserve more than that and so do our elders, children, men, and community. Like you said, we bear the community; once we heal, the community can heal. I loved your suggestion; they really should go back to the rightful owner of the womb from which they came from and hopefully gain some insight and knowledge. Thanks for your comments; I’m glad you read it when you did as well. 🙂


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